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Welcome to our FAQ page. Here, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our company and the renovation process. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Kruger Industries, we consistently follow a stringent planning process to ensure the highest quality results. We follow a 10 simple step process to ensure your project is budgeted appropriately & completed in a timely manner.

  1. Introduction - Meet your KI team to discuss your vision, wish list and budget. They will perform a walk-through of the space to assess the needs of your project.

  2. Project & Design Proposal – The KI team will create an estimate and approximate timeline for how much your project will cost. Once accepted, the following steps will follow.

  3. Trade Visit – The KI team will coordinate respective trades for a site visit to assist in finalizing the quote.

  4. Designs – The KI team will meet with you again to review your ideal space, and create plans accordingly, once trade quotes have been received.

  5. Proposal – Once designs have been finalized, the KI team will provide you with a final price to bring to life your vision.

  6. Contract – A contract will be signed which details the price, payment terms, scope of work, and approximate timelines.

  7. Project Selections – The KI team will work with you closely to start the selection process & finalize all of your finishes according to the agreed upon budget and design.

  8. Construction Commences – The KI team will pull the necessary permits on your behalf when needed, and the construction process will begin.

  9. Addressing Issues Along the Way – The KI team will continue to advocate for you with all trades to ensure a smooth process. The goal is to complete your project promptly and precisely, bearing there are no stock issues. Our KI team will keep you updated throughout with regularly scheduled meetings. Communication and transparency are key, for a successful end result, for both parties involved.

  10. Final Walk Through – Once the project is complete, the KI team will do a thorough walk through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Both parties must consider the extent of the renovation project. Even so, no matter how small the work area, it still boils down to your level of toleration of disruptions, and inconveniences. Keep in mind that if you try to live in your home during a full scale home improvement, you will absolutely be inconvenienced. In cases like this, we recommend that our clients arrange alternate housing during construction. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with workers coming and going, dust, debris, and disrupting noises. Moreover, some basic amenities may be unavailable during the project. It will depend on the area and scope of work.

Securing permits will depend on the extent of the project. Usually smaller remodeling projects like replacing countertops or existing sinks, do not require permits. However, if walls need to be demolished, new electrical installed, or the layout needs to be changed in any way, then you’ll have to secure permits. If a permit is required, we will help you with the process. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the costs of the permits. Also, you’ll need building permits for distinct plans, architect drawings, and other similar documentation. Alternatively, we can expedite the process for you, at an additional fee for our time. Again, this will be discussed in detail prior to the project commencing.

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